Approved Trainer Agreement

As an Approved Trainer of Passion4Training, you the Approved Trainer agrees to meet and continue to comply with the agreement.  It is important that you have read and fully understood all sections of this agreement.

This agreement describes in brief all the elements Passion4Training consider mandatory to provide high standards of training courses and these are therefore mandatory to be considered an Approved Trainer of the Passion4Training’s Approved Trainers Membership.

You, the Approved Trainer is solely responsible for compliance with the approved trainer agreement and are only permitted to provide Passion4Training approved courses within your organisation registered when you/ or your employer purchased any of our train the trainer courses. You agree that our train the trainer courses meet the needs of your organisation/ individual requirements and agree to notify Passion4Training if you are unable to meet any aspect of this agreement.  If Passion4Training is notified of a breach of the agreement, then Trainer Membership may be suspended without notice until the individual can demonstrate that it fully meets all parts of the Approved Trainer Agreement.

Passion4Training does not make any inspection of members to verify that they are complying with the Approved Trainer Agreement and therefore Passion4Training does not accept any responsibility for any member’s conduct, procedures, or operation. However, during your membership with us you will be required to provide evidence to demonstrate that you are compliant with aspects of the Approved Trainer Agreement by submitting your Approved Trainer QA Record that can be accessed/ downloaded from the Approved Trainer HUB under resources. These must be submitted every time you deliver a training course and uploaded via the Approved Trainer HUB or can be sent by email to and any supporting documents we request for Quality Assurance processes.

Passion4Training may update the Approved Trainer Agreement at any time but will notify all Approved Trainers of the changes via the Approved Trainers Portal.

If you are unsure of any aspect of the Approved Trainer Agreement, please contact us via the Approved Trainer’s Portal and we will be happy to assist you further.

This agreement or any part of it may not be reproduced electronically or printed without prior permission of Passion4Training.

In General

You the Approved Trainer is expected to ensure that you have the required training, skills and experience and have attended a Passion4Training’s Train the Trainer Course. Your Approved Trainer Membership is exclusive to Passion4Training and will be valid for 2 years from the date of attending a Passion4Training Train the Trainer course or the date you purchased a Trainer Resource Pack. You must always deliver training using Passion4Training’s Trainer Resources to provide Learners with a high standard of ‘service’. 

You will be required to attend Passion4Training’s Train the Trainer update course in your chosen Approved Trainer subject before your certification expires to be able to continue with your Approved Trainer Membership and to deliver Passion4Training’s Approved Trainer  Courses. 

Passion4Training’s CPD Course Structure/ Information/ Trainer Resource Packs: 

All our CPD courses have been developed and have a course specification for each subject outlining the required information and detail regarding the course information and requirements. All our CPD courses have been aligned/ mapped to healthcare standards. 

All Approved trainers will use our Trainer Resources via the Approved Trainer HUB to deliver our approved courses and must comply by delivering the content provided and completing all relevant documentation included in the Trainer Resources. Approved Trainers can personalize our presentation/ information resources by adding additional information that they feel appropriate but must ensure the content provided remains unchanged to maintain compliancy. 

Approved Trainers are also not permitted to change any documents or certification materials provided in the Trainer Resources however, we do allow for your personal logo to be applied to Passion4Training’s documents and certification materials. All Approved Trainers are required to complete the documents and certification materials for all courses you deliver as this is required for compliancy with Passion4Training’s Quality Assurance Processes and complies with Passion4Training Policies & Procedures. 

Included in Trainer Resource Packs 

  • Trainer Guidance
  • Course Information
  • PowerPoint Presentation 
  • Learner Workbook 
  • Training Register 
  • Training Declaration 
  • Knowledge Tests (Marker and Learner Test Paper)
  • Practical Assessment Record
  • Course Evaluation 
  • Certification

Approved Trainers Quality Assurance Processes:

Passion4Training has a strict Quality Assurance Process to ensure high standards are being maintained by all Approved Trainers in line with this Passion4Training’s Approved Trainer Agreement.

Passion4Training’s courses are Quality Assured by our QA Support Team and any Passion4Training Approved Trainers delivering Approved Training Courses must submit their Approved Trainer QA Record every time you deliver a course and the QA Support Team will review these and may request to sample your course documents to ensure compliancy, however you do not need to send your course documentation only your Approved Trainer QA record.

Approved Trainer Membership is valid for 2 years from the date of attending your course or purchasing a trainer resource pack. Approved Trainers will be required to attend a trainer update in their chosen healthcare subject prior to their certificate expiring.

If the Approved Trainer’s certificate expires then your Approved Trainer Membership Access will be removed and you will no longer be able to deliver Passion4Training’s Approved Courses or issue certificates.

You will need to attend our Trainer Update Course to renew your membership.

Safeguarding of Learners

It is essential that You the Approved Trainer have steps in place to safeguard learners within your care.

You the Approved Trainer ensures that they:

  • plan and conduct any learning activity safely
  • have appropriate policies in place to ensure the safety and security of learners attending your training sessions. You should also adhere to Passion4Training Safeguarding Learners Policy.
  • ensure that all colleagues are working in an accordance with your safeguarding policies.

The Data Protection Act 2018

Data protection is a legal requirement.

You the Approved Trainer ensures that they:

  • comply with The Data Protection Act 2018 at all times.
  • have appropriate policies in place and ensure you adhere to Passion4Training GDPR policy. 
  • only gather information that is relevant to your business model/activity
  • make learners aware that you, as and when applicable, will pass the data onto relevant third parties
  • do not misuse any personal data that is collected
  • communicate clearly methods by which learners can opt out of sharing their personal data

Health and Safety

It is important that all Approved Trainers work in a way that does not put learners at risk.

You the Approved Trainer ensures that they:

  • operate within Health and Safety legislation, including that which corresponds to your specific training.
  • carry out regular revisions and updates to appropriate policies to comply with any new legislation
  • keep and maintain official records including appropriate risk assessments
  • employ appropriate reporting procedures for accidents and incidents
  • conduct regular equipment, kit, apparatus assessments
  • adhere to your Health and Safety Policy and Procedure. 


Appropriate level of insurance relative to activities (including Employers and Public Liability Insurance) must be in place to cover your activity and all of the people involved.

You the Approved Trainer ensures that they:

  • hold and maintain adequate levels of insurance according to your type of business or operation or your employer holds appropriate insurance.
  • display, as appropriate, proof of insurance and produce such proof on request
  • conduct an annual review of the needs of the business and update your insurance appropriately

Inclusivity and Ethics

You the Approved Trainer ensures that they:

  • document and follow an equal opportunities policy which should state that no person will be discriminated against due to their age, gender, religious beliefs, cultural background
  • ensure that learners are able to learn and participate at their own level and to achieve their full potential within the activity

Training & Development

All Approved Trainers must have ongoing training and development to ensure they are able to deliver their chosen healthcare subject and remain up to date.

You the Approved Trainer ensures:

  • you access continued learning development opportunities that are current and in line with best practices. 

Complaint Procedure

Learners want to know that complaints or concerns will be listened to and dealt with appropriately.

A user-friendly procedure must be in place and communicated clearly to learners.

You the Approved Trainer ensures that they:

  • have a complaints procedure in place
  • clearly display your complaints procedure
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